Youth Football lowers crime

Kids are active, some have hyper imaginations while others channel that energy into other things like actions. They let themselves sometimes get carried away and other times they can fall off the deep end to try and channel that boundless energy. Sometimes it isn’t even about the energy, it’s because of lack of attention or dedication to their wellbeing that can sometimes take even the most well behaved child off track.

There’s a reason why it’s been proven that sports education and extracurricular activities help these kids stay off the streets. Namely football. With leagues and teams sprouting just about anywhere, there’s a chance for your kid to make into a team in a small role and work their way up. Sure, there are kids that are built for these things but the energy, the drive can be channeled productively no matter how small.

Sports create a sense of comradery, a sense of unity. It brings people together. It brings communities and diverse people into something wonderful. The reason that they are there is for the kids, it’s for the fun. Sure, there are the ones that get carried away maybe just a bit but the entertainment is there.

It’s not just the schools that need to continue on with this practice, it’s organizations that work for the community that also have to keep these programs going. It gives children who don’t want to go home to a place to go. Football gives them a place that is just for them while at the same time share their love for the sport with other kids. It gives them a common ground, a stepping stone to not just build friendships but to build a place where they can belong. It keeps them grounded so they don’t go elsewhere.

Areas where football is played have less crime rates, less problems due to that exact reason. The participation is high. The more open the participation is, the less problems they can gather. Kid’s productivity grows when they are channeling energy, life, and their passions in a healthy environment. With helpful coaches and staff members that provide good guidelines and ambient support, these kids will have a second home. A safe home, feel protected.

That’s why sports are important. That’s why football is important. The good players can build a foundation for an eventual career but then there are those that the sports help them more than the outside world know. It gives them a safer place not just for their energy, but by channeling that enthusiasm into a sport…they make the community around them a better place to live in as well.