Top 3 Sports in the USA

Sport is a general term for different activities in the it’s horizon. The word sports also implies exercise Although not normal gymnastics but exercise in a locomotive way sports has very vast areas to cover but today we focus on the first three recognized sports in the world In general it does have reason for being the top four these particular sports tend to bring in high attendance, accrue large funds that participants of these sports rank high In payment and become wealthy in a flash and money are being generated on daily basis.

Sports today increase in all ramifications both deal with attire for the players down to taxes generated from it are all generating finances. However these sports are mostly played outdoor cause of space needed and attendance/audience.

Top 3 Sports are:


The word football is gotten from the method of its system of play, the sport is being played with a spherical shaped thing knitted with goat skin and air blown into it, the sports have two halves and can be played once by just two opponents with a point given to any if the ball rolls into the opponents goal post.

This area is like a world of its own where you have various of countries participating at first it started with nations playing against nations before the creation of continental bodies for continental competition’s then was the implementation of local leagues where a country holds a league where club sides originate and is being managed by private moguls. This was the stardom of the sports called football.


This sports also has a little similarity with the football but few changes as the goal area of this spot is a Basket that has an opening under that is simply why it’s called basketball. Although the players in each fixture differ from that of football and it’s is still a mystery to which sponsorship and ratings are of higher stakes. This sport is mostly played in the western world (USA, Canada, Europe)


The world of golf is another sports that is always said is reserved for the money Giant, Although the attendance are not compared to that of the basketball and football. The world and every country has an Idea of how this sport is carried out.

Sport is a very interesting event as an individual you gain much from it as you get to exercise and keep fit to participate in it so as to be up and doing in time of play. It is 100% a sure wway of keeping your health also in check