The health and social benefits of Football For Youths

There is a whole host of reasons why as a parent you should be keen to get your kids into football. These range from the obvious health benefits which are caused from regular exercise, to social and developmental reasons such as developing people skills and making friends. Furthermore football is the world’s most watched and participated sports so where ever you are forced to move to for whatever reason you are always sure there is going to be a local team for your little ones to take part in.

The health benefits

Football like any exercise is great for any child’s growth. If you have followed the news headlines for the past 10 years, you will be aware that the Europe and North America especially are suffering from an obesity crisis in youngsters. According to the CDC over the past thirty years, obesity in children has doubled in the USA and quadrupled in adolescents. 18% of children between the ages of 6-11 in 2012 where clinically obese in the USA with rates in adolescents reaching 21%.

Football is a sport that you can start early. Depending on your local club your child could start the sport as early as the age of 4 or 5. As a sport it offers extensive cardio vascular exercise great for burning any un-expended calories. Football benefits also include increased metabolism meaning that your child will be able to burn off any calories faster. Getting your child into the habit of doing sports at a young age also means that they are more likely to continue partaking throughout their teenage years and their early twenties.

Social Benefits

Other benefits however include going outside and absorbing that vitamin D that is so hard to get from anywhere else. 21st century kids are very prone to spending vast amounts of time in front television sets and video game consoles, not socialising. Football practice can be the perfect excuse to get out as a family and socialise.

Furthermore as a parent it is very hard to keep an eye on and monitor online or in game friendships, if on the other hand they are meeting real people you can organize further “outside time” by inviting friends over and if you are extra paranoid you even have the chance to “vet” the parents of the kids your children are socialising with.

Football will also help your children develop social skills, by physically meeting and interacting with adults (such as coaches and other parents) and other children their own age, they will develop the important social skills required to fit into society and move forward towards adult life.

Other benefits of exercise which are often overlooked are the positive effect it can have mental health. Any person with anxiety or depression for example of any age, who seeks advice from the doctor, the first piece of advice they will receive is a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Overall football is a wonderful sport and the fact that there is such a vast number of participants around the globe just supports this fact.