How to Balance Football and your Grades

It is said that much work makes Jack a dull boy. However, one must ask him or herself how much is too much work and how much is enough play since neither of the two should be done in excess. Being a football player in high school has certain advantages since as a person, your performance and contribution to the school and to yourself both in academics and sports goes a long way in benefiting both parties.

Football being one of the most popular sports in high schools, students finds it quite difficult to balance between their practice and academics. This imbalance is typically brought out by the attention, determination, and sacrifice that is involved in the sport. However, this should not be a hindrance to any student’s grades. With appropriate planning and attitude, all students participating in sports can achieve a proper balance between their athletics and academics.

Below are some of the approaches that high school football players should use so as to achieve a balance between sports and academics.

Time management

This is the most crucial key when it comes to balancing any aspects in a person’s life. If student athletes can make the most of every time they have for studying and practice, then they will not have any problem in their academics or sports. In the case of students playing football who have heavy practice schedules as well as demanding course work, they should adjust their daily schedules so that they find ways of fitting in more study, more rest and less wasted time.

Accept your responsibility

As much as you have a commitment to your coach and team, your academics should always be your priority. Bear in mind that after all is said and done, football will always be an extracurricular activity and does not come with any certain guarantees of a long and successful career after your graduation. It is evident that some students achieve and become successful through this route but it is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Balance both your football and grades so as to secure a brighter and better future.

Stay motivated and focused

When pressure in both your football practice and academics starts to pile up, you might start feeling worn out and overwhelmed. In this state, one can begin to wonder ‟why did I take both academics and sports?” As a student whenever you find yourself in such a situation, remind yourself that it was your choice and both things have equal gravity in your life. Maintain a positive attitude and know that all the hard work and sacrifice will eventually pay off.

Your football practice should not be used as an excuse for bad grades. In fact, as a sports person, you are supposed to be among the top students in your class since you have a gate away plan that helps you move your mind away from books. Participating in sports such as football should, therefore, be a means of achieving excellent and not poor grades. This can only be achieved with a positive attitude, self-discipline and sound time management.