How You Can Help


Is your team missing from the collection? If so, I need your help. The reason it is missing is because I have insufficient data or no data at all in order to design the helmet for inclusion on this web page. The most valuable information I need in order to complete the helmet are quality pictures and a copy of the helmet logo (see examples below).

If your team’s helmet is a plain color without logos and stripes, all I need to design the helmet is a description of the helmet color and facemask color, however a picture would also be nice. For example, I received an email a while back with this description. “Hillcrest has a silver helmet with a royal blue facemask.” That is a very good description of a helmet with no logo or stripes. If your team has a common logo, such as the “Michigan wing” or “Arizona Cardinals” helmet logos, that will work, as well, for a description. I just need to know the color of the logo at that point.

If your team has a logo on one side of the helmet only, I need to know which is the logo side and which is the “blank” side, so it can be designed and displayed properly. I do and will display both sides of a single logo helmet.

Why do I need pictures of the helmet? The reason is simple. I need the picture for proper placing of the logo and stripes, if any, as well as proper sizing of the logo. Also, in some pictures, darker colors are difficult to distinguish, so with these, I will also need a description of the helmet and facemask colors.

Please note that if the “Need A Copy of Logo” symbol appears where your team’s helmet goes, I do NOT require any more pictures or descriptions. All I need is a copy of the helmet logo.

Information that I need!

Probably THE most important thing that I need is a copy of the helmet logo (decal) or an icon of the actual logo. Examples of these are shown below. Please note that if you are taking a picture of the logo (decal), it needs to be taken BEFORE the decal has been applied to the helmet. Please take the picture as perpendicular to the logo (decal) as possible. The most preferred method is using a scanner to scan the logo (decal). I should also mention that all of the helmets displayed on this web site show the right side of the helmet, so I MUST have a logo for the right side of the helmet, unless they are completely reversible (that is, the logo on the left side is a complete mirror image of the logo on the right side).

I will more than gladly accept helmet decals in regular mail, also. If you would like to mail a decal to me, email me so I can give you my address. I will even pay for the postage of sending the logo, if you so desire. If you do send me a decal, make sure it is protected somehow in your packaging as they are fragile and bend VERY easily.

Also needed are good quality photographs of the helmet for your team. Examples of what I consider “good quality” photographs of actual helmets are seen below.

Examples of Quality Pictures of Helmets

Notice how these pictures display the helmets, showing the helmet logo and stripes? (the helmet on the right has no stripes and the one in the middle has no logo, but DOES have stripes) They also show clearly, the color of the helmets and facemasks.

Corrections – I, like everyone else, am not perfect. If you see a helmet that is not completely correct, let me know, so I can fix it and get the correct helmet displayed. Please email what needs to be corrected to me, please. Also, make note of the fact that I got much of my conference, class and district information from IHSA. They are a good source of information, but I noticed that in doing my research of the teams on this site, that some of the information is conflicting. Therefore, you may notice a school name or conference name or other information may not be correct. If you find this to be the case, please let me know so I can correct it. The last thing I want to do is upset people by having erroneous information about their schools. If you find something to be incorrect, I apologize for it in advance.

If you have any questions about any of what I’ve just mentioned, please feel free to email me. I will answer any and all questions the best that I can.


This is a new addition to the site. I felt that the addition of uniforms would help add something new and different to the site. I will explain what I am looking for as far as information/pictures for uniforms. If you would like your school’s uniforms added to the site, please email me.

First of all, I would like to display an example of what I will be putting together as far as uniforms go. Generally, a school will have a home and a road uniform. Once in a great while, a school will have alternate uniforms that they wear on occasion. This example is from Morris HS that I completed. Notice that this school has a standard home and road uniform (top two), a home and road uniform for rivalry games (middle two) and an alternate home and road uniform (bottom two).

The uniform display that I have put together displays the uniform as it would look on a player out on the playing field. Also included in the display is the current helmet that go with the uniforms.

Notice that the display shows the front, left side and rear view of the uniforms. This is basically what I would like to have for pictures of your uniforms. I need these views to properly design the uniforms in the most accurate manner possible.

Most, if not all uniforms have a manufacturers logo on the jersey and the pants. In the example above, the Nike logo is on both the jersey and the pants. On the white pants above, the helmet logo is on the opposite leg of the pants as the Nike logo. I need clear enough photographs of all details of the entire uniform as they will be vital to the accuracy of the completed product. This means front, side and rear views of the uniform will need to be photographed. I need any uniforms that are worn to be photographed. If the pants are the same for both home and away uniforms, I only need one set of pictures of the pants.

I will also need a good description of the colors in the uniform as colors in photographs don’t always display the real colors. To ensure accuracy, I would also like to have this descriptive information in addition to the photographs.

I will accept action photos also, but they must be of good quality. I prefer to have the photos taken with the uniforms being “modeled”, but if that’s not possible, then take the photos in a way that is best for you.

Please take note that this is still a helmet site. The uniforms are much more complicated and take more time to do than the helmets do, but I will do the uniforms as time permits.

If you have any further questions about what is required, please feel free to email me.